Revoking GO 111 may lead to climate change in Hyderabad: Report

Hyderabad: The state government’s plan to revoke GO 111 may lead to severe climate change in Hyderabad.  Environmentalists warned that the city’s weather will turn extremely hot from the current mild weather.

Sagar Dhara, an advisor to the United Nations environment program  (UNEP) and a member of the Supreme Court for the environment expressed his shock over the Telangana government’s decision to revoke GO 111.

“If GO 111 is revoked the city will perpetually face the flooding situation and the water which accumulates in the Himayat Sagar and Usman Sagar will flood the low-lying areas of the city. The city will witness deluge-like conditions every year. The softening of soil may further lead to landslides which may cause havoc in many parts of the city,” Dhara said.

The chief scientist of NGRI Dr B Ramalingeshwara Rao along with Dr Baburao and Sagar Dhara stated in their report that the GO 1111 is not only safeguarding the city’s water reservoirs but it is playing a crucial role in keeping the city soil crust strong and stable.   If GO 111 is annulled the climate of the city will turn into extremely hot due to the open areas around the city turning into the concrete jungle”, the report said.