Ridiculous: Bandi on TRS’ asset declaration mandate for govt teachers

Hyderabad: The Bharatiya Janata Party Telangana unit president Bandi Sanjay Kumar on Saturday strongly condemned the TRS (Telangana Rastra Samithi)- led state government’s orders to declare details of all government school teachers’ assets as a mandatory move.

In a statement released on Saturday, Bandi Sanjay said that it was ridiculous on the part of the KCR government to suspect the teachers. “Asking the teachers to declare their assets every year and take a no-objection certificate from the government before selling or purchasing movable and immovable assets were nothing but harassing the teaching community,” Bandi Sanjay said.

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“It is a Tuglaqian decision on the part of chief minister K Chandrasekhar Rao, aimed at psychologically harassing the teachers. He had earlier tortured the employees in the name of 317 GO. Now, he is targeting the teachers,” Bandi Sanjay said.

He raised questions as to why the chief minister had come up with the GO. He said that KCR is answerable to the people as to what his assets are and that of his family were before he became the chief minister.

“Why are they not disclosing their assets every year?” Bandi Sanjay asked.

He demanded that the chief minister along with his cabinet ministers disclose the details of their respective assets every year, including the wealth stashed in other countries.