Row over ‘spoilt’ Haleem between customer, Hyderabad restaurant

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Hyderabad: A row erupted between the popular Hyderabad restaurant ‘Paradise’ and one of its customers after the latter uploaded a video complaining about the quality of Haleem served.

The video has gone viral on social media platforms.

The incident happened on March 25 when a disgruntled customer named Mansoor Shaik shared his experience of eating Haleem, a popular savoury during Ramzan, at the Paradise restaurant, Begumpet branch here.

Shaikh, in his video, alleged the restaurant served him a spoilt mutton Haleem. The video has evoked strong reactions from netizens.

In response, Paradise restaurant, on Friday, March 29, filed a police complaint against Shaik alleging he had adulterated the Haleem and then blamed the restaurant for quality issues.

“The customer (Sahik) started complaining that the mutton Haleem sold to him was spoilt with a sour taste and foul smell. Upon inspection, it was found he had in fact adulterated the mutton Haleem with some material and the same was diluted with water and became less viscous compared to the mutton Haleem sold by us,” read the complaint.

“Our staff tried to calm the customer down but he did not listen. He started making the video with misleading facts,” the complaint added.

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Paradise restaurant alleging that Shaik took Rs 5,000 from the staff, thus accusing him of money extortion. “Shaik returned on Wednesday and demanded money in cash after refunding the same amount through online payment,” the complaint read.

The restaurant said that it was “shocked” to see the video on social media platforms posted online and shared widely even after they compensated for the alleged contamination.

It asked the Hyderabad city police to take necessary action against Shaik on charges of criminal conspiracy, extortion and for posting a “defamatory video with misleading facts.”

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