RRR project: Kishan Reddy asks Telangana CM to release state’s share of funds

Hyderabad: Union Tourism minister G Kishan Reddy on Wednesday, January 24, requested chief minister A Revanth Reddy to allocate land for the construction of highways as part of the Bharatmala project and to provide the state’s share for the Regional Ring Road (RRR) project.

In his letter, Kishan Reddy emphasized the importance of the road projects and the need for the state’s cooperation in land allocation and fund deposition for the RRR project.

He highlighted the significant investment and the state’s financial commitment to the RRR project, urging the chief minister to take necessary actions in this regard.

“I request the state government to immediately release the amount and extend cooperation for speedy completion of the work,” he said.

He expressed concern that if the state did not allocate land and deposit its share, the work on the projects would be delayed, which could lead to traffic congestion in the city. “This would negatively impact vehicular movement and cause inconvenience for commuters,” he added.

The Regional Ring Road (RRR) project is a part of the Bharatmala Pariyojana, which is a road development project in India.

This comprehensive initiative aimed at developing 74,942 km of roads, including economic corridors, inter-corridors, feeder roads, national corridors, and other road segments.

The RRR project specifically involves the construction of about 350 km of road with an estimated cost of Rs. 26,000 crore, and it is designed to improve regional connectivity and reduce traffic congestion. The project requires the allocation of land and the deposit of the state’s share for land acquisition to proceed with its implementation.