‘Saved 40K/month after moving to Hyderabad’: Bengaluru man’s post goes viral

A software engineer’s post on X (previously Twitter) on September 5, Tuesday, has re-sparked the debate on which city is better to live and work in, Bengaluru or Hyderabad.

In his post, Prudhvi Reddy, a software engineer from Bengaluru, stated that with that amount of money, a family may live ‘peacefully’. His post has piqued the interest of online users.

“Moved from Bangalore to #Hyderabad Saved 40k per month expenses. One family can live peacefully with that money.

Not seeing any a point of living alone when my values match with my family’s,” his post read.

Reddy’s post drew a flood of comments from social media users. Some agreed with him, while others just stated, “It doesn’t seem to add up.”

“Living alone is overrated, you end up wasting too much time managing yourself. I don’t have to worry about anything else other than my work when I am at home,” a user wrote in response.

“It doesn’t seem to add up. In which part of Bangalore did you stay? Now in which area of hybd? How do you travel? Because metro/bus passes are relatively cheaper. Rent being cheap in hybd is old saying,” another user said.

“Same here bro, I switched to a remote job and moved home to stay with family, better to use the expense to spend time with family than wasting it in BlR uselessly,” one more user wrote.

“Good decision we are in world where anyone can work anywhere still make equal amount of money. Bangalore is just hype culture,” a fourth user wrote.

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After a barrage of comments even leading to a Hyderabad vs. Bengaluru debate, Prudhvi Reddy clarified that the post is not about that subject.

“This post is not about BLR vs. HYD. this post is more about hometown and remote work I supported BLR locals in other places, so not ready for BLR vs. HYD Avoid debating down there on this topic,” he said.

On the question of opportunities in both the cities, the Bengaluru IT guy said that “he is a fan of remote work” and that two Hyderabad based startups contacted him offering more pay than the average pay offered by startups in Bengaluru.

He also gave some positives of working in Hyderabad than Bengaluru like cheaper rents and less traffic.

“I am a fan of remote work. I will not encourage anyone to take in-office tech jobs if it means changing their cities / leaving family. That said two Hyderabad based startup contacted me and it’s lot more than what average BLR startups pay. Hyderabad has all the good things in Bangalore minus All the bad things in Bangalore. @KTRBRS

Comparatively Less traffic Food hits different on the palette for less price Cheaper rents Cheaper travel via cabs, autos in nonrush hours + We don’t ask anyone to speak in Telugu like other states Hindi and English is all ok here because everyone is hamara bhai log here If you are North Indian prefer hyd over BLR, you’ll love us,” he said.