Say Cheese! Walkthrough this ‘Selfie Museum’ in Hyderabad

Hyderabad: With growing technology, our needs and aspirations are growing too. Gone are the days when one would find solace by just being in ‘the moment’, today’s generation wants to capture and document every important moment as perfectly as possible, thus explaining the obsession with selfies and social media.

Out with your friends? You take a selfie! Late-night ice-cream runs? You take a selfie! On a family vacation? You take a selfie! Selfies have unconsciously become our best friends and that constant need to upload those selfies on social media is inescapable.

If you are someone who is as obsessed with capturing trivial to life-altering moments in your smartphone, then there’s a way to celebrate that craze with Hyderabad’s very own Selfie Museum. Yes, you read that right!

With over 20 dazzling, colorful, innovative, and interactive sets, Selfie Museum is a first of its kind in India (according to their official website) and gives you the perfect chance to take selfies to your heart’s content. You can run your imagination free in the colorful ball pit or go back to the 19th century in the London telephone booth. Turn into your favorite Barbie doll in the Barbie box or show your sweet tooth against the donut wall set.

From a coveted retro cassette wall, millionaire bedroom, radiant rooms to monochrome rooms, artistic corners, and much more, Hyderabad Selfie Museum has a plethora of choices to offer that will surely make your social media feed more aesthetic and quirky.

Scroll ahead to take a tour of the unique museum and get more details.

According to the Selfie Museum Hyderabad website, it is located at Shamirpet, inside Punjabi Haveli Dhaba which gives you the opportunity to click pictures and then relish lip-smacking Punjabi food. The museum is open from Monday to Sunday.

Hyderabad Selfie Museum Entry Fee

Talking about the entry fees, adults are charged Rs. 300 for half an hour and Rs. 500 for an hour. For kids, the charges are Rs. 200 for half an hour and Rs. 300 for an hour. Furthermore, there are different packages for families of 4, and groups of 6, 8, and 10 people.

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