Schoolgirl sets up her third library in Hyderabad

Hyderabad: Akarshana Sathish, an 11-year-old girl, has established three libraries in Hyderabad. She began by gathering books from her neighbours, classmates, and members of her family. In total, she was able to collect 4834 books which she used to set up the libraries for children.

The one at MNJ Cancer Children’s Hospital has 1036 books while another at Sanath Nagar Police Station has 829 books.
She set up a third library at the Special-cum-Children Home and Observation Home for Girls at Nimboliadda, Hyderabad with 625 books. The library was inaugurated by Shikha Goel IPS and Bharati Hollikeri IAS on Wednesday.

Speaking to ANI, the 11-year-old said, “During Covid times, I collected books from family friends, school friends, and my neighbours. I collected a total of more than 4800.

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I have set up two libraries, one at MNJ Cancer Children’s Hospital and another at Sanath Nagar Police Station. Here, I have established my third library here at the Observation Home for Girls at Nimboliadda, Kachiguda.

Here we have set up a total of 625 books which consists of 425 Telegu books, 150 English books, and 50 Hindi books along with fiction, non-fiction and general knowledge book. My inspiration is my father. He has undertaken many social service works and I want to follow his path.”

Shikha Goe, IPS, said, “I congratulate Akarshana, an 11-year-old of Hyderabad who has got this idea of donating books and creating libraries in places where no libraries exist.

She created a library for us and started one in a police station. Today we inaugurated a library in the Girls Home in Hyderabad. This is an extremely noble idea that inspires all of us to give back to society in whatever little way we do.

I have also told her that we will provide her with a place in our Bharosa centre. It is centre for victims of crime against women and children. She will be soon starting one more library in our next Bharosa centre.

I hope many others will get inspired by her”.
Akarshana’s father Sathish Kumar said, “My daughter has established her third library today in Juvenile Home for Girls which is a government special home and observation home in Hyderabad. She has delivered more than 670 books in English, Hindi and Telugu. Hopefully, these books will be useful for the kids.

I am sure that she is going to establish a fourth library in one of the metro stations in Hyderabad. Today, ADGP Shikha Goel has given approval for establishing a fifth library in a Bharosa centre at Siddipet.

She collected over 4834 books and planned to establish five libraries. Today the third library has been set up here. I would like to thank all those who keep supporting her.

Today, she has also donated a sanitary pad machine for the girls here with the money she has saved”.