SCR ensures drinking water supply amidst summer heat wave

Hyderabad Desk

Hyderabad: As the summer season approaches, South Central Railways (SCR) is preparing to ensure that passengers traveling across have access to safe drinking water.

SCR has increased its efforts to assess and improve the availability of drinking water at all stations in light of the anticipated possibility of heat waves.

Joint meetings with supervisors from the Engineering and Electrical departments have been held to implement a complete approach. SCR has so far equipped 170 stations in the zone with 468 water coolers.

In addition, the Divisional Central Control office has implemented a 24-hour monitoring system to guarantee ongoing supervision of water availability. Any problems are brought to the attention of supervisors right away, allowing for a rapid resolution, a press release said.

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To guarantee that passengers receive clean and safe drinking water, quality assurance is given top attention, and frequent water quality tests are carried out. Major stations have also installed automatic water supply systems to reduce wait times for passengers who need to water their coaches.

Teams from SCR have been assigned to handle any problems with water taps; they will be concentrating on group water stands that are close to general coaches. Storage tanks at stations that get their water from canals have been expanded to accommodate the demand.

In areas where the municipal water supply is inadequate, SCR is working with local government agencies to increase the amount of water available at stations. In addition, a number of stations have created rainwater pits in order to utilize available natural water supplies.

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