SDIF collaborates with Shaheen Academy to help students clear supplementary exams

Hyderabad Desk

A recently conducted research by the Social Data Initiative Forum (SDIF) has revealed that a significant number of students, approximately 36 percent, failed their intermediate exams. Furthermore, the research findings indicate that the percentage of failed students is even higher among the Muslim community, with 40 percent of Muslim students failing their intermediate exams.

Hyderabad, in particular, has witnessed a substantial failure rate among Muslim students, with a staggering 50 percent not clearing their intermediate exams. In light of these statistics, the SDIF, in collaboration with Shaheen Academy, has taken the initiative to provide free supplementary coaching through the newly launched website (click here).

The website offers free online classes in all subjects, providing comprehensive educational resources and support to help students overcome their academic challenges. By utilizing this platform, students will have access to high-quality coaching, enabling them to bridge their knowledge gaps and successfully clear their supplementary exams.

The initiative aims to address the educational inequalities faced by students, particularly those from marginalized communities. The partnership between the SDIF and Shaheen Academy reflects a commitment to creating equal opportunities for all students, regardless of their backgrounds or circumstances.

Please contact our toll-free number 8927911911 for any inquiries or assistance related to the website.

About Social Data Initiative Forum

The SDIF is a nonprofit organization dedicated to conducting research and implementing initiatives that leverage data for social good. It focuses on identifying social challenges, analyzing data, and collaborating with stakeholders to develop innovative solutions to address these challenges.

About Shaheen Academy

Shaheen Academy is an educational institution committed to empowering students with quality education. With a strong focus on academic excellence, Shaheen Academy strives to provide holistic learning opportunities to students, enabling them to reach their full potential.

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