Secunderabad fire: Drones survey remains for bodies of missing persons

Hyderabad: Two drones were sent into the ill-fated building on Minister’s Road, Secunderabad, to conduct surveillance and send live feed of the presence of any bodies inside the building.

The decision to send drones into the building was taken by the authorities amid suspicions that persons were trapped inside when the fire broke out.

The three workers – Junaid, Wasim and Zaheer – are missing since Thursday after the fire broke out in the building and could not be traced since. Unconfirmed reports stated the three persons were charred to death.

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Police found the calls were made through the mobile phones belonging to the three persons from the building after the fire broke out.

The drones conducted a recee but as it is pitch dark the exercise was not of much help.

Lot of gutted material is dumped all around and experts of JNTU and NIT Warangal visited the spot to ascertain the structure’s stability.

A massive fire broke out in the building housing a sportswear manufacturing workshop and store. Four persons trapped in the building were rescued by firemen with help of ladders.

The fire started on the ground floor around 10:30 am on Thursday. The fire department deployed 24 fire tenders to douse the fire. Thick smoke engulfed the entire area and it took many efforts of the firemen to control the smoke.

A huge quantity of combustible material was stored and it kept burning although gallons of water were dumped in the building. People staying in neighbouring buildings and slums were evacuated due to the fire and thick smoke.