Seminar on COVID-19, its impact on Madrassas to be held on July 16

Hyderabad: Islamic scholars of different educational institutions will be participating in a seminar organized by the Al Jamia Al Farooquia at Urdu Maskan, Khilwat, tomorrow at 6:30 p.m. to discuss the COVID-19 pandemic’s impact on Madrassas or seminaries.

The seminar, titled “COVID-19 and its impact on Deeni Madrassas” is being organised to create awareness about the problems faced by Madrassas owing to the pandemic. Participants will discuss challenges and propose solutions to counter the negative impact of COVID-19 on the Madrassa education system in Telangana and the financial losses of the students.

The convener of the program, Dr. Ahsan Bin Mohammed Al Hamoomi, Imam of the Royal Mosque at Public Gardens, said, “There is no awareness about the plight of Madrassas and what they went through during the lockdown. These institutions aid underprivileged children’s education as their parents cannot afford conventional education. However, unlike modern educational institutions, Madrassas do not collect fees,” he added.

Mufti Khaleel Ahmed, rector of the century-old Islamic seminary Jamia Nizamia will preside over the program. Prof Syed Badiuddin Sabri, head of the Arabic Department at Osmania University, Head Mufti of Jamia Nizamia Syed Ziauddin Naqshbandi, Prof. Syed Alim Ashraf, Dean Student Welfare, and other eminent scholars will address the seminar.

The seminar will also be streamed online on YouTube for the benefit of people who would like to understand and subsequently help Madrassas.