Shafiullah refused to take charge of CEO Telangana Waqf Board

Hyderabad: Secretary TMRIES Mohammad Shafiullah, IFS has refused to accept the additional responsibilities of Chief Executive Officer of Telangana State Waqf Board.

The Secretary Minority Welfare Department, Ahmad Nadeem, while referring to the services of Shahnawaz Qasim who was taken back to the Police Department issued a GO giving Shafiullah IFS additional responsibilities of Director, Minority Welfare, Chief Executive Officer, Telangana Waqf Board, Director Urdu Academy and Director Minority Study Circle. He was holding the additional charge of Chief Executive Officer, Telangana Haj Committee apart from Secretary, Residential School Society.

Shafiullah, in a letter sent to the government today in response to the issuance of the GO, clarified that he is serving as the Chief Executive Officer of the Telangana State Haj Committee apart from TMRIES. He has expressed his willingness to accept the responsibilities of all institutions except the Waqf Board.

After his decision not to accept the post of CEO of Telangana State Waqf Board, the condition of the Board remains as it is and no official is willing to serve in the Waqf Board. Earlier Abdul Hameed has expressed his unwillingness to serve as the CEO of the Waqf Board and in addition, Abdul Manan Farooqui has also refused to accept the post.