Shopping in Begum Bazar, parking in Osmania Hospital

Hyderabad: Osmania Hospital is facing great inconvenience due to the proximity of Begum Bazar market – a favorite and important marketplace for shopping for the people from Telangana and Andhra.

The patients of Osmania Hospital are facing great difficulties due to the huge number of shoppers at Begum Bazar Market.

The haphazard parking by the shoppers at the main gate of the Hospital and around the Out-Patient (OP) building is creating problems.

Those visiting Begum Bazar Market park their vehicles – cars, autos and bikes – haphazardly at the road in front of the Hospital. Even there are shoppers who park their vehicles inside the Hospital which is hampering the hospital’s emergency services. At times even the Ambulances are facing trouble in coming and going out of the hospital.

Auto stand

The OP building of Osmania Hospital and Quli Qutub Shah building has literally turned into an auto stand which is causing great inconvenience to the ambulances bringing critical patients for treatment.

Illegal Parking inside Osmania Hospital

Due to illegal parking of vehicles, not only the emergency services of the hospital but the staff of the hospital too is facing great difficulties.

The Superintendent of Osmania Hospital Dr. Nagindar said strict action shall be taken against the illegal parking inside the hospital.