Siasat Millat Fund, Faiz-e-Aam Trust distribute flood relief in Baba Nagar, Umer Colony

By Mohammed Husain Ahmed

Hyderabad: Humanity is the quintessence of Islam.  One of the principles of our faith is to help our fellow human beings, mitigate their difficulties caused due to natural calamities and disasters and to do the charitable deeds.  To feed a hungry man and clothe him is among the greatest form of worship in Islam.  In order to help the poor, there is no caste, communal, religious, linguist or other considerations.  The charitable initiatives launched by Siasat Millat Fund and Faiz-e-Aam Trust are working on these principles of our faith.

Under the guidance of Editor Siasat Janab Zahid Ali Khan and Secretary Faiz-e-Aam Trust Janab Iftikhar Hussain both these organizations are rendering exemplary services to the poor, destitute and needy people – by the grace of Almighty.  The purpose of these charitable acts is to rehabilitate the flood victims to help them re-start their lives.

Millat fund & Faiz-e-aam help flood victims

Program held at Farah High School

On Sunday, the delegations of Siasat Millat Fund and Faiz-e-Aam Trust lead by Janab Iftikhar Hussain, held a program in Farah High School, Umer Colony Baba Nagar where various types of vocational and trading goods worth Rs.5 lakhs were distributed to at least 25 flood affected families.  The object of the distribution was to rehabilitate these poor families to start their lives afresh.

Some of these distributed goods, for example, were:  3 bicycles were given to  a woman to give on rent to earn her livelihood,  Sewing machines were given to nine women, four wheel carts (thelas) laden with fruits, onions, Ginger and garlic and plastic wares were given to four families hoping that these people would earn their incomes from these goods and lead a normal life.

In the same ceremony, 3 women were given ladies and children’s’ garments to enable them to re-start their business and help their families.  A person was helped in his perfume business, another was provided ‘Kirana’ (foodstuff & household items) goods.  Two persons were in stationery business and wanted some stock which they were provided.  One flood victim was provided with a “Paanipuri” stall.  Big frying pan, cooker and other materials for frying business were given to another needy person to earn his livelihood.  Another man was provided with spice packets to re-start his trade.  Yet another person was helped by giving him tailoring materials’ counter and had his tailoring machines repaired.  A winding machine was repaired and given to a man who asked for it.  A flood victim lady was given household goods’ kit including the gas stove. 

Prominent persons

Some of the prominent persons attending this ceremony were Faiz-e-Aam’s Dr. Makhdoom Mohiuddin, Janab Rizwan Haider, Board member Syed Haider Ali, Principal Farah High School Janab Usman and Managing Editor Siasat Janab Zahirudin Ali Khan.  On this occasion, the services of volunteers Mohammed Aza, Syed Abdul
Sattar, Shaikh Akram and Mukarram were highly appreciated.

Speaking on the occasion, Janab Iftikhar Hussain, Dr. Makodoom Mohiuddin, Janab Rizwan Haider and Syed Haider Ali said that the flood waters have caused great havoc in various areas of the city.  To mitigate the difficulties of those affected, the Siasat Millat Fund and Faiz-e-Aam Trust rose to the occasion to render their help.  About eight such programs were held so far.

Farah School, according to Janab Zahiruddin Ali Khan and Janab Iftikhar Hussain, is working since last four decades.  A tailoring center will be established in this school for helping the poor ladies of this area.  They have appealed to the parents to educate their children as only the education can bring prosperity in the community. Later on, the delegation took a tour of Osman Nagar and announced to take concrete steps for the rehabilitation of the affected households.