Sip, Relax, Repeat: Top 3 must-visit Chai spots in Hyderabad

When it comes to Hyderabad, the first thing that pops into mind for many is the delectable Biryani. Next is the aromatic Irani Chai. In Hyderabad, chai isn’t just a beverage; it’s an emotion. ‘Chai k bina zindagi adhuri hai.’ And also, ‘Sar dukhra toh chai hona, khush hai toh chai hona, mood down hai toh chai hona!’ It’s like a medicine, don’t we all agree?

Renowned for its vibrant ‘Chai Culture,’ Hyderabad boasts numerous iconic spots to savor the perfect cup of Irani chai, much like its reputation for biryani. For those who have visited the city or plan to explore it, here are some top spots to indulge in the best chai experiences.

Best Places For Chai Lovers In Hyderabad

1. Cafe Niloufer

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One of the most loved food joints in Hyderabad, Cafe Niloufer is famous for its chai, osmania biscuits, and bun maska. With four outlets across the city, including one in Lakdi Ka Pul that opens at 4:30 am, this cafe ensures a consistent taste that keeps patrons coming back. Whether you sit down for a leisurely bite or opt for a quick takeaway, Cafe Niloufer is a must-visit for chai enthusiasts.

2. Nimrah Cafe

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This place offer soul-relaxing chai with a view of the iconic Charminar. Nimrah Cafe attracts crowds from both the old city and modern suburbs. Known for its Irani chai and Osmania biscuits, this cafe also delights patrons with best Khopra Biscuits and Shirmal. The place opens at 4am and draws chai lovers who willingly spill onto the streets while waiting for their morning cup.

3. Pista House

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While Pista House has gained fame for its irresistible Biryani, their Zafrani Chai is a hidden gem. Introduced a few years ago, this fragrant tea has become a staple on their menu, available across various outlets in Hyderabad.

Apart from these, other popular chai spots in the city include Taiba Bakery and Cafe (Masab Tank), Lamakaan (Banjara Hills), Alpha Hotel (Secunderabad), Blue Sea Tea and Snacks (Secunderabad), and Kaamat, among others.

Now, Hyderabad chai enthusiasts, we want to hear from you! What’s your favorite spot to enjoy the best chai in the city? Share your thoughts in the comments below!