Sitting for over 8 hrs inactively akin to smoking: Hyderabad doctor

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Hyderabad: Sitting for prolonged periods, often required by many jobs, can seriously jeopardize your health and even shorten your lifespan to a degree comparable to the risks posed by obesity and smoking, a prominent Hyderabad-based doctor said on Thursday, May 23.

Dr Sudhir Kumar, who is popular for issuing health advisories on platform X, said that 60-75 minutes of moderately intense physical activity daily (such as brisk walking, running or cycling) can counter the ill-effects of prolonged sitting.

“If you sit for more than 13 hours daily, doing exercise also can not counter the ill-effects posed by prolonged sitting. Health hazards associated with prolonged sitting are: Increased risk of diabetes, hypertension, abdominal adiposity (obesity), elevated LDL cholesterol & triglycerides, heart attack, stroke, cancer and premature death.

Strategies to minimize sitting duration:

  • Take 5-minute standing or walking breaks after every 30-45 minutes of sitting,
  • Prefer standing work desks,
  • Have meetings & coffee breaks in a standing position,
  • Reduce leisure-time sitting (such as while watching TV, mobile phones, and other electronic gadgets),” he said.
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