Social welfare dept rescues captive Manipur girl in Hyderabad

Hyderabad Desk

A young girl from Manipur allegedly held captive in Hyderabad was successfully rescued by the Social Welfare Department, a local media outlet reported on Saturday, May 4. 

An official stated that the department treats these kinds of situations seriously, even though the preliminary report indicated there could not have been any sexual coercion. 

Speaking to the reporters, the director of the department, N Uttam Singh, emphasised the hardships of the rescue process, especially when victims are forced into the ‘flesh trade,’ which operates within powerful networks.

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“In this case, given the involvement of a young girl, an expert team from Manipur was promptly deployed to ensure no time was wasted,” he said.

He further appealed to the public to remain cautious and thoroughly investigate before sending their children, especially girls, outside the state for work. Noting that the ongoing unrest in Manipur has led to a lack of livelihood, he said poor families are compelled to seek opportunities for their children elsewhere.

Singh also highlighted the compulsion to raise awareness about the dangers associated with sending young children outside the state on work-based promises from strangers.

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