South Central Railways achieves electrification of 1017 Rkms in FY 2022-23

Hyderabad: South Central Railway has achieved its best-ever performance in electrification. The zone has completed 1017 Route Kilometres (RKM) of railway electrification works from FY 2022 to 2023, which is all-time record in the history of the zone. This achievement is also the second-highest RKM of electrification done by any zone across Indian Railways during these years.

The state-wise details of the electrification completed in the zone during 2022-23 are as follows:

Indian Railways has accorded special focus to the electrification of its network. Out of the total electrification of 1017 Rkms, 286.4 Rkms fall under Telangana, 133.7 Rkms under Andhra Pradesh, 546 Rkms under Maharashtra and 50.8 Rkms pertain to Karnataka jurisdiction of SCR.

The Telangana region of SCR pertaining to 26.4 Rkms comprises sections like Bhavanapalem, Samupalli, Manoharabad and Nizamabad, and 133.7 Rkms equals the Andhra Pradesh region of SCR comprises sections like Dharmavara Kadin, Aravalli Nidadavoln, New Piduguralla Savalyapuram.

Similarly, 546 Rkms pertaining to the Maharashtra region of SCR comprises sections like Washim Parna, Kanaloagar Park Ambari-Madkhed and Rotegaon Dinegaon Parli – Parbhani.

Additionally, SCR is observing Electrical Safety Week from the third to the ninth of May to promote electrical safety aspects and save electrical energy.

The seminar will be held at the divisional level, special training classes are also being conducted for the electric supervisors and staff to create awareness regarding electricity rules.