Special drive against illegal sirens to continue: Hyderabad Traffic Police

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Hyderabad: The city wide special drive against illegal usage of sirens is being conducted and so far in the last 12 days, 1,557 cases were booked by the city traffic police.

The special drive that was conducted after City PoliceCommissioner C V Anand responded to a distraught commuter’s tweet, completed 12 days. According to a press release, the drive will continue till the last illegal siren is removed.

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Hyderabad police to crack down against illegal use of sirens

“In the last 12 days, Hyderabad Traffic Police not only booked 1557 cases but also removed illegally fitted Sirens. The field officers also appraised rule’s position to the owners/drivers of the vehicles,” the press note stated.

The City Traffic Police has requested its citizens, especially those who drive four-wheelers to refrain from using sirens without permission and those who do have the authorization, to use it only in case of emergencies.

“The traffic police will continue this special drive until the last siren is removed. Drivers of four-wheelers are requested to cooperate during the vehicle checks,” the press release said.

The police have been directed to detain and seize all vehicles using unauthorized sirens.

Rules for use of sirens

As per the rules, sirens are allowed only in vehicles used as ambulances or for fire fighting or salvage purposes or vehicles used by police officers or operators of construction equipment vehicles or officers of the Motor Vehicles Department in the course of their duty. Therefore, any other use of sirens is illegal, and the police will take strict action against those violating the law.

The Hyderabad Police’s move to crack down against the illegal use of sirens is commendable. The misuse of sirens not only creates a disturbance in traffic flow but also poses a danger to the safety of other road users.

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