Spend judiciously, dont be extravagant in marriages: A lady Islamic scholar

Hyderabad: Wealth is the bounty of Allah. The people must be grateful to Allah for this bounty and spend their wealth judiciously in meeting their expenses. They must help others through their money and wealth. If one uses his wealth to show off that’s Israaf or extravagance,” says Islamic scholar Jamila Begum.

Jamila Begum was speaking online on the topic of “easy Nikah” under the aegis of “Tahaffuz Shariat Committee” at Happy Homes, Rajindernagar.

To emphasize judicious spending in marriages the lady scholar quoted a verse from Quran, “Verily spendthrifts are brothers of devils; and the devil is to his Lord ungrateful” (17:27).

The Israf or extravagance is that expenditure which is made unnecessary to show off on events like marriage etc. to impress people.

While Israf is abominable, the Infaaq or (judicious spending), Jamila Begum says is praiseworthy, “Infaaq is spending money judiciously on self and for the needs of family, children, relatives, poor, destitute and travelers.

Jamila Begum exhorted in her discourse for adopting simplicity in life. “Islam does not approve extravagance in any sphere of life,” she said.

“It is the need of the time to teach our mothers and sisters the virtues of simplicity in living, wearing, and celebrating events like marriage ceremonies. They must try to eschew all those events and practices which are not part of Islam and to make an important event like marriage easy for all – poor and rich,” said the lady scholar.

“Instead of spending wealth extravagantly, Muslims must use it for good deeds like welfare and educational activities to benefit the whole community, “said Jamila Begum.

Apart from Jamila Begum, there are many lady scholars and preachers like Farhana Aziz, Tabassum, Zara Khan, Atiya Naaz, Tanvir Fatima, Shamim Fatima, Bushra Nadim, Yasmin Afroz, and others who are addressing women and girl students online daily for “Easy Nikah” campaign.