Strive to make Hyderabad accident-free: Traffic commissioner

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Hyderabad: Additional police commissioner of traffic department G Sudheer Babu, on Saturday presided over the district road safety committee meeting at Traffic Conference Hall, Nampally. The meeting was conducted in compliance with the Supreme Court Committee on road safety.

He requested various departments to cooperate and work together to achieve a reduction of fatalities in the year 2023 by 10 to 15 percent.

He emphasized forming a Whatsapp group by the name RAAG (Road Accident Analysis Group) where road collisions are evaluated and better coordination between stakeholding departments can be brought about.

Babu said that through cooperation across various departments, Hyderabad has to be made an “Accident-Free and Hassle-Free Commuting City”.

He requested the stakeholders to complete pending engineering works related to road safety of motorists and pedestrians as early as possible. He highlighted 65 newly identified black spots in the city that have works pending.

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He asked Road Transport Corporation (RTC) officials to identify unused bus stands and bus shelters and convert them to suitable places without delay.

Road Transport Authority (RTA) joint commissioner J Pandu Ranga Naik emphasized motorcycle accidents and said that joint special drives with traffic police will be conducted to decrease road accidents.

N Ravi Kiran from Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) spoke about works related to junction cleanup, nala works, signage erection, RUB Works, black spots, interrelation, and median revising.

He assured that GHMC will visit fatal accident spots to identify any defects in road geometry and rectify them immediately.

Hyderabad Metro Rail Limited (HMRL) authorities were requested to facilitate metro rail bridges for pedestrians to cross the road. GHMC authorities were requested to develop junctions with pedestrian islands.

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