Sudden rise in petrol and diesel prices in Hyderabad

Hyderabad: The petrol prices in Hyderabad saw a sudden hike for the past three days, with prices rising from Rs. 87.06 to Rs. 88, reports said.

There was no increase in petrol price till January 5, but the price was increased on January 6, which has increased the price of petrol in Hyderabad from Rs 87.06 to Rs 87.34 per liter.

On Thursday, the price of petrol went up by another 25 paise per liter to Rs 87.59 per liter. Diesel was sold at Rs 80.88 per liter on Wednesday, an increase of 29 paise on Thursday, bringing the price of diesel to Rs 81.17 per liter.

 Oil companies believe the decision was made because of rising crude oil prices in the global market. Petrol and diesel prices are fluctuating on a daily basis in line with global market prices.