Supply-demand mismatch pushes up chicken prices in Hyderabad

Hyderabad: Chicken prices are skyrocketing in Hyderabad due to a supply-demand mismatch. The prices started their upwards movement a few days before Eid-ul-Fitr in the city.

The price of skinless chicken which was Rs. 240 per kilogram on May 1 has now reached Rs. 294 on May 12. The price of live poultry which was Rs. 140 per kilogram at the beginning of the month has reached Rs. 184.

Speaking to, Syed Qamaruddin of Eagle Fisheries said that the prices are increasing continuously for the past few days due to a shortage of chickens.

Other factors responsible for rise in chicken prices in Hyderabad

Apart from the supply-demand mismatch, the rise in temperature in the city is also contributing to the price hike. Chicken traders also blame the increase in fodder price and transport charges for the price hike.

Every year in summer, poultry prices go up as chickens die due to heat and their birth rate also decline. In order to reduce the losses, poultry farmers increase the rates.

Chicken prices in Hyderabad may come down after the temperature in the city starts declining.

Temperature in Hyderabad

Although due to the impact of cyclone Asani in the Bay of Bengal, the temperature in Hyderabad has reduced yesterday, it has touched 40 degrees Celsius on Tuesday.

As per India Meteorological Department (IMD) forecast, the temperature in the city is likely to climb to 45 degrees Celsius on May 14.

Yesterday, the maximum and minimum temperatures in Hyderabad were 38.6 and 27.6 degrees Celsius. The city also received light rainfall.