Supreme Court to appoint administrator to oversee HCA affairs

Hyderabad: Reacting to the mess within the Hyderabad Cricket Association, the Supreme Court has decided to step in and will soon appoint an administrator to take charge of the association’s affairs. 

According to reliable sources in the Hyderabad Cricket Association, a bench headed by Chief Justice N.V. Ramana in the SC observed on Thursday: “Cricket has gone somewhere else and politics has taken precedence. We will appoint some good people, some retired judges of the Supreme Court or High Court to conduct an inquiry. Let both groups (of the HCA) go. They will have to go out of the management. This needs a CBI enquiry. They want to drag in even the judiciary.”

Meanwhile, HCA Ombudsman Justice Deepak Verma will be asked to disassociate himself from the association’s affairs. He has been reportedly asked not to pass any order that has to do with the functioning of the association.

The HCA has been divided over the appointment of Justice Verma. It may be recalled that the warring groups within the HCA had passed show cause notices upon each other and taken their stands to the courts. Now the whole issue may soon go out of their hands when the Supreme Court appoints an administrator.