Swiggy ‘upgrades’ clothes of delivery partners, workers union unhappy

Hyderabad: Taking feedback of its delivery partners into account, food delivery company Swiggy on Wednesday launched new gear for its delivery partners keeping in mind “safety and comfort” as its top priority with the new “enhanced designs”.

Swiggy launched new T-shirts for their delivery partners keeping in mind the practical challenges they face such as long working hours, low night visibility, sunburn while on duty, said a press release.

The new orange full sleeve t-shirts come with a dry-fit mesh fabric which provide 100% breathability in all weather conditions, stated Swiggy. Its team also incorporated reflectors on the t-shirt design keeping the safety of its delivery partners in mind, especially during low visibility time.

“While the orange colour offers extra comfort in the summer, the full sleeves protect the skin from the harsh sun and chilly nights too,” said Swiggy, in its announcement.

However, the new clothes for its delivery partners have not exactly been received with gusto. When contacted, Telangana Gig and Platform Workers Union founder state president Shaik Salauddin said, “Delivery-partners in the city have been facing the brunt of this new t-shirt colour. Swiggy should have kept in mind that the colour orange (saffron) comes with political connotations. This has caused a lot of mental distress to the delivery partners in Hyderabad, who face ridicule from customers.”

Salauddin stated that delivery partners often face comments such as ‘Swiggy bhi Jai Shri Ram bolne laga’(Swiggy is also now saying Jai Shree Ram). “They face differential treatment from customers due to the colour of the uniform” he added.