Telangana: 15 Final Location Surveys sanctioned for new railway lines

Hyderabad: The South Central Railway (SCR) on Wednesday. September 6, said that the Ministry of Railways has sanctioned nearly 15 Final Location Surveys (FLS) for new railway lines to strengthen rail connectivity in Telangana.

These lines combined stretch for a distance of nearly 2647 km and are estimated to cost nearly Rs 50,848 crore.

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In addition to the above, 11 other FLS have been sanctioned for Doubling, Tripling, and Quadrupling for a distance of nearly 2588 km and is estimated to cost nearly Rs 32,695 crore.

The Patancheruvu (Nagalapalli) – Adilabad New Railway Line is one of the important projects for which a Final Location Survey (FLS) has been sanctioned.

This line is likely to stretch for a distance of nearly 317 km and cost nearly Rs. 5,706 crore.

The line is likely to connect several new and unconnected places, particularly in Northern Telangana, and provide rail connectivity to major towns like Ichoda, Neradigonda, Dhanur, Nirmal, Balkonda, Armoor, Bodhan, Rudrur, Nasrullabad, Banswada, Nizamsagar, Alahadurg, Sangareddy and Patancheruvu.

According to railway officials, the New Railway Line is also likely to connect new places with Hyderabad and New Delhi by connecting the existing main line.