Telangana: 30% excess rains received this year as compared to 2021

Hyderabad: In the year 2021-2022, Telangana received 30% excess rain at 1181 mm (millimetres) against the 96 mm of normal rainfall. In other words, the state received 30% excess rains as compared to last year.

According to a release by the Ground Water Department of the Telangana Government on Thursday, the data was collected covering all mandals from 33 districts of the state.

The release states that districts namely Bhupalpally, Hyderabad, Bhadradri, Medak, Wanaparthy, Medchal, Mahabubabad, Vikarabad, Adilabad, K Asifabad, Nalgonda, Yadadri, Kamareddy, Nirmal, Warangal, Jangaon, Rangareddy, Jagityal, Mahabubnagar, Nizamabad, Karimnagar, Hanumakonda, Narayanpet, Siddipet and Sircilla districts received excess rainfall (22 % to 71 %) and remaining eight districts received normal rainfall (1% to 17 %).

Out of the 33 districts in the state, the average water level is less than 5 m bgl (meters below ground level). In 24 districts, it is between 5-10 m bgl, and in 8 districts, the average water level is between 10-15 m bgl.

In May 2022, there was a rise of 0.18 meters in groundwater as compared to the previous year May 2021. This rise was observed in 20 districts (0.03 m Mancherial to 2.39 m in Nizamabad). The remaining 13 districts observed a fall in groundwater levels (0.17m Rangareddy to 2.54m in Warangal).

When compared between April 2022 to May 2022, the groundwater levels fell to 0.31m. rise was observed in 4 districts (0.05m Mahabubnagar to 0.62m in Vikarabad) whereas a fall was observed in the remaining 29 districts.

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Shallow water levels (<5 m bgl) occupy 13 % of the state area, covering eastern parts of Adilabad, north-eastern parts of K Asifabad, south and eastern part of Nirmal, north-eastern and central parts of Jagityal, western part and eastern parts of Mancherial, northern parts of Peddapally and Kamareddy, central and eastern parts of Hanumakonda and Warangal, south and central parts of Wanaparthy, western, northern and southern parts of Jogulamba, western parts of Narayanpet, western and central parts of Nagarkurnool, the northern part of Nalgonda.

Water levels in the range of 5-10 m bgl occupy 56 % followed by 10-15 m bgl water levels, covering 24% of the state area during the current month.

The moderately deep and very deep levels of the state are mostly covering southeastern Bhadradri, eastern Sangareddy, the central part of Kamareddy, the southeastern part of Nizamabad, northern Bhupalapally, the northern part of Nirmal and the northwestern part of Siddipet districts.

There is an increase of 83% in the water levels during May 2022 as compared to the decadal year of 2012- 2022 in the state.

The rise (compared to the decadal average of May (2012-2021) up to 0.5m is observed in 24 mandals, 0.5-1.0 m in 26 mandals, 1-2 m in 68 mandals and greater than 2 m in 375 mandals falling in north, south and western part of Nirmal, except north and southern parts of Sircilla, southern parts of Jagitial, central parts of Warangal, Hanmakonda, Karimnagar, Siddipet, Suryapet, Medak, Jangoan, Yadadri, Mahabubnagar, eastern parts of Hyderabad, southern parts Mahabubabad, south-central part of Bhupalpally, parts of Bhadradri, Rangareddy, northern parts of Medchal, Khammam, central part of Jogulamba, Vikarabad, Nagarkurnool, Narayanpet, Nalgonda and Wanaparthy districts etc.

The fall (compared to the decadal average of May (2012-2021)) up to 0.5 m is observed in 30 mandals, 0.5-1 m in 14 mandals, 1-2 m in 24 mandals and greater than 2 m in 33 mandals falling in central parts of Adilabad, north, south and central part of K Asifabad, western part of Nirmal, north and central part of Mancherial, east and western part of Nizamabad, western parts of Kamareddy and southern part of Medchal district.

Deep-water level has significantly decreased in May 2022 as compared to April.