Telangana 4th in the country in terms of solar energy

Hyderabad: Telangana occupies 4th place in terms of solar energy production. Currently, the state is producing 4511 megawatts of solar energy and 128-megawatt wind energy.

After the formation of separate Telangana, Chief Minister KCR encouraged the production of electricity from non traditional means and gave full support to Redco to achieve this goal.

Redco in addition to produce energy had also promoted devices and bulbs to save electricity.

The Government of Telangana had also encouraged electric vehicles and introduced energy storage solution policy.

Currently, Telangana is producing 4,511.77 megawatts of solar energy under the renewable energy program.

In order to save electricity, all the street lights are changed into LED lights.  The state introduced Building Code to save energy in commercial buildings. Under this program, the state had saved 1005 million units of electricity value which is equivalent to 3.30 lakh metric tons of oil.

Street lights in all Gram Panchayats were changed to LED lights. According to an assessment made by Redco, the state is saving 50% on electricity through these measures.