Telangana: After Hyderabad, Dhar gang spotted in Sangareddy

Hyderabad Desk

Hyderabad: The Dhar gang, known for swift raids and aggressive tactics, that had been wreaking havoc across Hayatnagar, Vanasthalipuram, RC Puram, and Ameenpur neighbourhoods for several weeks, was spotted near Sangareddy on Wednesday, June 26.

Caught on surveillance cameras in a village close to Sangareddy town, the masked individuals of the Dhar gang strike homes between midnight and 4 am, stealing valuables and leaving chaos in their wake.

Three of the gang were seen moving about, holding their footwear in their hands, scanning doors and windows of homes closely, looking for a target.  

Hailing from the Dhar district of Madhya Pradesh, the Dhar gang had expanded their operations across various districts of Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh, employing a sophisticated network to evade law enforcement. Known for its illegal arms trade and smuggling activities, the Dhar region contributed to the gang’s arsenal and strategies.

The gang meticulously scouts target locations during the day, uses nearby jungles for cover, and relies on shared autorickshaws for unsuspicious movement. They avoid direct entry points by scaling compound walls and resort to violence when faced with resistance from homeowners during break-ins.

The robbers reportedly snatched a gold chain from a woman while she was asleep.

The police are now tracking the gang which is also involved in at least three robberies in Hyderabad.

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