Telangana: Basti Dawakhanas to stay open till 2 pm on Sundays

Hyderabad: Telangana health minister T Harish Rao proposed the extension of Basti Dawakhana operating hours across the state till 2 pm on Sundays in order to improve the accessibility of healthcare services to walk-in patients.

The minister in a monthly review meeting reiterated the government’s commitment to providing high-quality medical services to the people.

Assuring that the government would address issues related to shortages of medicines, medical equipment, and staff, the minister asked the medical officers to monitor the health condition of patients referred to hospitals by primary healthcare centres.

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Emphasizing the importance of comprehensive healthcare monitoring, from primary health centres to referral hospitals, Harish Rao directed the department officials stating that the sole aim of healthcare workers should be to achieve the ‘number one’ status for Telangana.

Stating that the medical colleges within the districts would enhance healthcare provision further, Harish Rao recommended patient referral to Osmania, NIMS, and Gandhi hospitals only when necessary.

Highlighted the importance of raising awareness about palliative services. the minister emphasized the significance of the Arogya Mahila program for comprehensive women’s healthcare.

Harish Rao further stressed the promotion of the toll-free helpline number 14416 (Telemanas) as a solution for individuals facing mental health issues while he urged for its publicity so that no person in need of healthcare remains deprived of crucial information.

Finally, the minister urged the health department to ensure that deliveries or childbirths were conducted naturally and C-sections were offered only to high-risk patients.