Telangana: BJP will not even get 10 seats in 2023 assembly polls, says Congress

Hyderabad: The Congress affairs in Telangana Manickam Tagore claimed that the BJP will not even get 10 seats in the 2023 assembly election.

Manikam Tagore is endeavoring to unite the dissident Congress leaders for the Munugode bypoll assembly election. He said that the next government in Telangana will be formed by Congress.

Using the influence of Priyanka Gandhi, Tagore succeeded in bringing the member of parliament Komet Reddy Venkat Reddy for the election campaign.

Speaking to the media here on Saturday Tagore said that all the Telangana Congress leaders will wage a united campaign in the election.  Munugode is the Congress stronghold, he said.

The joining of Rajagopal Reddy in the BJP will not affect the Congress vote Bank.

Manickam Tagore will complete two years as the party affairs incharge in the state.  He said that due to the defective policies Congress lost elections in 2014 and 2018.

Tagore said that there are 42000 polling booth level Congress leaders in the state who have achieved the target of 41 lakh members.

Tagore said that Priyanka Gandhi is focusing on strengthening the Congress party in the South Indian states.

“Congress party is like a cricket team and the next elections will be fought through the team spirit”, Tagore said.