Telangana: Cash, items worth Rs 6 crore seized in 24 hours

Hyderabad Desk

Hyderabad: The law enforcement agencies have seized Rs 1,89,98,800 in cash and other items worth Rs 4,32,25,000 from 6 am on Tuesday, April 30, to 6 am on Wednesday, May 1, as part of the implementation of the Election Code of Conduct in Telangana.

District Election Officer GHMC Commissioner Ronald Rose reported that 14 complaints related to cash and other items were received and resolved, with eight FIRs registered.

The DEO said that since the publication of the election notification, a total of Rs 21,57,05,505 in cash and Rs 13,76,21,269 worth of goods have been seized by various enforcement teams, 26,416.28 liters of liquor have been seized, 261 cases have been registered, and 258 people have been arrested. 

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Furthermore, Flying Squad Teams have seized Rs 5,71,58,955 and other items worth Rs 74,17,908 in the district. Other law enforcement agencies, including the police and IT enforcement teams, have seized Rs 15,59,58,000 in cash and goods worth Rs 12,25,03,362. 

Additionally, SST teams confiscated Rs 25,88,550 in cash and items valued at Rs 77 lakh.

Till date, 551 complaints regarding cash and other items have been received and addressed, with FIRs filed against 354 individuals. Commissioner Ronald Rose also mentioned that 3068 licensed firearms were deposited as part of the process.

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