Telangana CM urged to take action on V&E reports of 10 years

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Hyderabad: The Forum for Good Governance has requested chief minister Revanth Reddy to review the pending vigilance and enforcement (V&E) cases and to see that quick action is taken on the reports and on those officials who have not taken timely action on the reports.

In a letter addressed to the chief minister on Thursday, May 23, the president of the forum M Padmanabha Reddy stated that during the last 10 years, V&E has inquired and submitted its report in 1,230 serious corruption-related cases pertaining to various departments, sent 768 appraisal reports, 1215 alert notes and 123 system improvement notes.

Due to no follow-up action by V&E, Padmanabha Reddy felt that various departments in the secretariat were just ignoring them, and in some cases, were sent to the heads of the departments with no further action.

“In some instances, if any irregularity is likely to happen, V&E alerts the respective department in the secretariat. The alert notes are not taken any cognisance and irregularity is allowed to take place,” Padmanabha Reddy pointed out.

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Also drawing the chief minister’s attention to the “information not available” reply to an RTI application filed by the forum seeking information regarding the disposal of V&E cases in the secretariat, Reddy felt that there has been a deliberate attempt in the secretariat not to take required action as suggested by the director general of V&E.

“In the state of Telangana, there is no fear of punishment for wrongdoing. ‘Sab chalta hai’ attitude has developed in employees. The common man is suffering from rampant corruption in the administration. Without any fear, the employees are openly demanding bribes. People are losing faith in administration,” Padmanabha Reddy observed, adding that in the past the forum has submitted representation to the chief secretary and the governor, which failed to receive any response.

Between 2014 and 2024, the highest number of vigilance reports sent to the government were concerning the municipal administration and urban development department, which received 284 vigilance reports, followed by the revenue department (174 reports), and then panchayat raj and rural development department (142 reports).

The highest number of alert notes sent to the government in the same period were to the revenue department (232 notes), followed by the MA&UD department (189 notes).

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