Telangana: Congress confident of securing 70 seats in Telangana, says Uttam

Hyderabad: Uttam Kumar Reddy, a Congress MP, expressed his belief that the upcoming government in Telangana will be led by the Congress, and the BRS party will face defeat. Uttam Kumar Reddy, along with his wife N Padmavathi Reddy, has submitted Congress ticket applications today for the Huzurnagar and Kodad constituencies.

Speaking to the media, he confidently stated that the Congress will secure over 70 seats in the upcoming assembly elections. He went on to predict victory for the Congress in five states, namely Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Mizoram, and Telangana. The assembly elections for these states are anticipated to take place by the end of this year.

Uttam Kumar Reddy also shared his expectation that the assembly elections in Telangana might be scheduled for November 30, and he expressed confidence that the Congress would emerge victorious with a strong majority.

He proposed that the success in these five states would pave the path for Rahul Gandhi to assume the position of Prime Minister in the 2024 elections. Reddy further claimed that the Congress would secure all 12 Assembly seats in Nalgonda. He outlined a timeline, noting that the Congress government in Telangana would be established in the first week of December.

While addressing the state’s current political landscape, Uttam Kumar Reddy criticized the KCR government, asserting that it had not fulfilled its promises across various sectors. He highlighted unfulfilled commitments such as providing three acres of land to Dalits and backward classes and criticized the perceived lack of transparency in the double bedroom housing scheme. Reddy also expressed concerns about the Muslim community being deceived in the name of a 12% reservation.

Drawing attention to past statements, he recalled Chief Minister KCR’s claim in 2014 that he had discussed with Prime Minister Modi about a 12% reservation for Muslims and asserted that KCR’s promise had not materialized. He contrasted this with the Congress’s 4% reservation for Muslims, which remains intact. Furthermore, Reddy accused KCR of reneging on his commitment to appoint a Dalit chief minister.

In relation to the BRS party, he alleged that some of its MLAs were involved in activities such as land grabbing, sand business, and liquor trade in Telangana.