Telangana Congress launches ‘Bye-Bye KCR’ campaign with model car

Hyderabad: Taking a dig at Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao, popularly known as KCR, for getting involved in various corruptions in his tenure, the Telangana Congress launched a ‘Bye bye KCR’ campaign at the Telangana Congress headquarters in Hyderabad on Friday.

The Congress workers decorated a car and wrote slogans like ‘Bye-bye KCR’ on it, accusing the Chief Minister of getting involved in various corruptions in his state.

The All India Congress Committee In-Charge of Communications for Telangana, Ajoy Kumar said that KCR had promised water, funds, and jobs during the Telangana movement but he has fulfilled these three promises for his family.

“There were three promises during the Telangana movement- water, funds, and jobs. He (KCR) has taken away all the water and diverted it to his underground swimming pool. He has taken away all funds too. Telangana people have become poor and KCR and his family have taken away the funds. He has taken away all the jobs, like Ministries, MLCs, and others. All the three promises were only for his family,” Ajoy Kumar said.

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Kumar said that people are claiming KCR’s government to be a “90 ml government”.
“All the people are saying that this government is a ’90ml government’. KCR should answer what is this ’90ml government’? It is a 90ml government because they gained money by selling liquor,” the Congress leader said.

Hitting out at Bharat Rashtra Samithi Minister KT Rama Rao, who is also KCR’s son, Kumar said that KTR is losing his mental balance and he takes the responsibility to get him treated at Asia’s biggest mental hospital including arranging 90 ml liquor for him.

“They are losing the elections. KTR has lost his mental balance. I am from Jharkhand and we have Asia’s biggest mental hospital. KTR is like my brother. It is my responsibility to look after my brother if he is not well. So, I am ready to admit him in the hospital and make all arrangements for him including 90ml liquor if he wants,” Kumar said.

Pointing at the ‘Bye-bye KCR’ car, Congress leader Kiran Kumar Chamala said that KCR came to power in 2014 by saying all “cock and bull stories.

“This is the KCR’s car. KCR came into power in 2014 by telling people all cock and bull stories. He never implemented any schemes that he promised in 2014 and 2018. However, he has done many scams…..This car is from 2001 and now it has to go for scrapping…This car has already been punctured and is not fit for driving anymore,” Chamala said.

Chamala alleged that KCR’s family has bagged all jobs in the state and no other family in Telangana has got any employment.

“KCR mostly tells people that Telangana was formed for water, funds, and jobs. However, KCR’s family has all the employment in the state like MLCs, Rajya Sabha MP, CM, and two cabinet ministers. None of the family members in Telangana got employment,” he said.

“None of the Dalit families have got three acres of land but KCR got 150 acres farmhouse in Gajwel. He has cheated Telangana,” Chamela added.

Telangana will go for Assembly elections on November 30 and counting of votes, along with those of four other poll-bound states, has been scheduled for December 3.