Telangana CS felicitates outgoing DGP Mahendar Reddy

Hyderabad: Chief Secretary Somesh Kumar, IAS, on Saturday felicitated the outgoing DGP Mahender Reddy at a function held at BRKR Bhavan. He said the outgoing DGP was always accessible and maintained good relationship with all the departments. He added that DGP came at least five minutes before the start of the meeting even when informed at a short notice.

The Chief Secretary noted the immense contribution made by the DGP to the Police department by way of harnessing the power of technology, people’s friendly concepts, providing infrastructure support and recruitment drives in Police department.

DGP Anjani Kumar said the Telangana police is not only a role model to other States, but also people from other countries have appreciated the functioning of Police department. The success of the Police department has been because of the synergy and support from all other departments. He observed that carrying on a legacy, which has been groomed and nurtured by the outgoing DGP is a huge responsibility entrusted on him.

The outgoing DGP Mahender Reddy stated though he worked in Police department, he worked closely with all other departments of the government because he believed that if all the departments work together, most of the problems can be avoided. He felt that organizations which embrace technology will only survive and as such it was his constant endeavour to bring in technology in the functioning of the Police department. The Integrated Traffic Management System, Command Control System and so on are some of the initiatives brought in the Police department, which yielded very good results in the functioning of the department.

Similarly, the CCTV project helped the police in solving many cases within 24 hours of the offence. The presence of police can be demonstrated by having partnerships with the community, NGOs, civil societies and bringing them together in one platform, he added. He stressed the need for convergence of all departments to achieve the common goal of peace and progress of the State.

Earlier, the Chief Advisor Rajiv Sharma, along with the Chief Secretary felicitated outgoing DGP Mahender Reddy, DGP Anjani Kumar, outgoing Home Principal Secretary Ravi Gupta and the present Home Secretary Jitender. Chief Advisor Rajiv Sharma, Special Chief Secretary Finance Ramakrishna Rao, Principal Secretary Industries Jayesh Ranjan and ADG ACB Ravi Gupta shared their experiences with outgoing DGP Mahender Reddy. Special Chief Secretaries, Principal Secretaries, Secretaries and other senior officers were present.