Telangana: Cyber scamsters targetting Ram mandir devotees, warns TSCSB

Hyderabad: The Telangana State Cyber Security Bureau (TSCSB) has issued a warning to citizens about scams related to Ayodhya Ram Mandir prasad and VIP darshan tickets.

Cybercriminals are sending QR codes and APK files under the pretext of prasad, pooja, and donations, along with fake links on WhatsApp. Once users click on the links or open the files, they are prompted to enter their banking credentials and phone numbers, which grants scammers remote access to compromise users’ data and bank accounts. The TSCSB has advised citizens to be cautious and not fall for such scams, a press release said on Tuesday, January 23.

The TSCSB has cautioned the public to avoid unsolicited links from platforms like WhatsApp, be careful with online donations, and refrain from engaging with messages from unknown numbers.

If individuals come across such situations, they are advised to report them by calling the toll-free number 1930, visiting, or messaging the Cyber Fraud Registry on WhatsApp at 8712672222.