Telangana: Demand for electricity reached its peak in December itself

Hyderabad: The demand for electricity in the state is increasing tremendously and on Friday, a total of 14017 MW of electricity was used across the state.

This was the highest-ever electricity demand in this Rabi season in the agriculture sector. Last year on March 29, the highest electricity demand in the Rabi season was 14160 MW was used. In a statement, Transco and TS Genco Chairman and Managing Director D Prabhakar Rao said that Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao has directed all power companies to handle up to 15,500 MW of demand in the current season.

He said that the demand for electricity has increased as a result of increase in groundwater level in the state and the high electricity consumption by the agricultural sector. Prabhakar Rao said that it is unusual for the demand to reach 14,000 MW during the month of December as farmers increase their electricity consumption after January. In December last year, the electricity demand reached the maximum of 10934 MW, while this year this demand has reached 14017 MW.

Parbhakar Rao further said that efforts are being made on behalf of the electricity companies to provide uninterrupted and required quantity of electricity to the agricultural sector in the entire state. He said that it has been found that auto start trusses are being used by some farmers even when there is no demand for it.

He appealed to the farming community not to use auto-starters unnecessarily and to avoid wastage of electricity and water. He asked the distribution engineers to ensure better coverage to the farmers and also ensure that auto-start trusses are not used when not required.