Telangana: Do informed voting: SC, ST, Muslim Front

Hyderabad: In the run-up to the upcoming Assembly elections, a Front representing Scheduled Castes (SC), Scheduled Tribes (ST), B.Cs, and Muslims has come forward with an earnest appeal to voters. Their message is clear: voters should exercise their democratic rights judiciously and resist the allure of empty political promises. The appeal stems from the disappointment of many minority communities who voted in the last elections, particularly in support of the BRS party, only to see those promises left unfulfilled.

In the previous election, the TRS party (now BRS) garnered the support of minority communities, who were swayed by promises of inclusive policies and social justice. The party pledged to provide a 12 percent reservation for Muslims, a commitment that resonated deeply with the aspirations of this community. However, as time has passed, it has become evident that these promises have not been honored.

The failure to fulfill the 12 percent reservation promise to Muslims is a stark example of political parties falling short of their commitments. This not only betrays the trust of the minority voters but also highlights a larger issue of political accountability. “When politicians make grandiose promises to secure votes and then fail to follow through, it undermines the very essence of democracy,” said Sanullah Khan, Chairman, SC,ST,BC, Muslim Front.
Addressing a press conference here on Saturday, he said the disappointment faced by minority communities was not isolated but reflected a broader trend. He drew a parallel between the KCR government and the Modi government, to show how both the administrations have not lived up to their pledges regarding minority welfare. Therefore, it is necessary to be vigilant and make informed voting,” said Front members M A Azeez (Movement for Peace and Justice), S A Qadeer, M.A. Masood (advocate).

The Forum held a round table conference at Media Plus auditorium to discuss the current political situation. Later speaking to presspersons the members said during 2014 and 2019 elections, minorities, particularly Muslims unitedly voted for BRS since Telangana was a long standing dream. They were also lured by KCR’s promise to implement 12 percent reservations to Muslims within six months. But till date the promise remains unfulfilled. No concrete steps were taken during the last nine years to improve the educational and economic status of Muslims. The Front members also blamed the BRS government for failure to protect the Wakf properties. Likewise the government failed to appoint a Muslim vice-chancellor and a Muslim member in the State Public Service Commission. This apart the Alair encounter of Muslim youths and many such other things have increased the mistrust of minorities over the years. Empowerment of Muslims through electoral representations also remained a pipedream.

The Front leaders urged voters to carefully study the manifesto of different political parties before exercising their vote. Some members felt the Congress should be given a chance since the party has remained away from power for so many years. They wanted voters to look beyond the superficial allure of political campaigns and examine the track record and sincerity of the candidates and parties they wished to support.