Telangana: Fake woman RPF sub-inspector held in Nalgonda

Hyderabad Desk

Hyderabad: A 24-year-old woman was arrested by the Railway Police here on charges of impersonating as a Railways sub-inspector (SI).

Based on a complaint filed by Nalgonda railway police force (RPF) sub-inspector G Pavan Kumar Reddy, Jadala Malavika was arrested in Secunderabad for fraudulent activities.

According to police, Malavika had been impersonating as a railway police official for the past year. She would travel from Nalgonda to Secunderabad via Panadu Express and present herself to passengers as a bonafide Railways police inspector.

Malavika would exploit her fraudulent status through various activities including being felicitated at an International Women’s Day event and establishing connections with individuals of prominence. It is reported that noted Telugu character actor Sri Suman was among those deceived by her.

Even her family members were under the impression that she had received a government job in the Railway Police.

“These deceitful actions not only tarnish the reputation and integrity of the Railway Protection Force but also pose significant risks to public safety. There is a genuine concern that passengers may be misled into parting with their money under false pretense or that the impersonator may engage in other nefarious activities while wearing the RPF uniform,” stated a press release from the Railway Police.

A case has been registered under Sections 170, 419, and 420 of the Indian Penal Code. RPF SI uniform with the RPF logo, stars, RPF shoulder steel badges, nameplate, brown shoes, brown colour RPF belt along with a fake laminated ID card and an extra nameplate was seized.

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