Telangana: Former MLA Aamir Shakil accused in son’s accident cover-up

Hyderabad: Former Bodhan MLA, Aamir Shakil is facing accusations of trying to hide a car accident involving his son, Raheel Shakil, and helping him escape to the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

The incident happened when Raheel crashed his car into barricades near Praja Bhavan in December 2023. Initially, a police inspector got suspended for allegedly helping Raheel cover up the situation. Later, Raheel supposedly fled to Dubai, and someone else was named as the initial suspect.

Now, Hyderabad police alleges that Aamir Shakil played a role in helping Raheel escape and covering up the incident. There are reports that others involved in Raheel’s escape have been held, but police confirmation is still pending.

The police issued a lookout notice for Raheel, and Hyderabad’s Police Commissioner K Srinivas Reddy is reportedly considering legal options, including contacting authorities in Dubai.

As the investigation continues, more details about the accident and the alleged cover-up are expected to come out soon.