Telangana government declares holiday for Bakrid

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Hyderabad: The Telangana government has announced a holiday for Bakrid, a festival celebrated by Muslims worldwide.

As per the Telangana calendar, the government has declared the holiday on June 17.

Telangana govt may change holidays for Bakrid

The government may change the holiday for Bakrid as the celebration of the festival is based on the sighting of the crescent moon.

If the crescent moon is sighted on June 7, Eid will be celebrated on June 17; otherwise, it will be on June 18.

Hyderabad shops gear up for festival

Meanwhile, various shops in Hyderabad are gearing up for a surge in sales, usually witnessed a few days before Bakrid.

Ahead of Bakrid, cattle traders from various regions such as Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh, and Maharashtra flock to Hyderabad to sell their animals at temporary markets.

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These markets, set up annually, cater to the substantial demand for sacrificial animals during this festive period.

Apart from Bakrid, Telangana government has announced a holiday for Eid-e-Ghadeer, which falls on June 25.


Bakrid is celebrated on the 10th of Dhul Hijjah, the 12th month of the Islamic lunar calendar. The celebrations begin after offering namaz at mosques and Eidgahs.

Last year, the demand for Qurbani services gained interest.

This shift in preference is primarily driven by the convenience offered by Qurbani services, which include the entire process from animal procurement to doorstep delivery of meat.

As the festival is celebrated based on the sighting of the moon, the Telangana government may also change the holiday for Bakrid.

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