Telangana govt made governor to state lies: Kishan Reddy

Hyderabad: Union Minister for Tourism and Culture G. Kishan Reddy today alleged that the BRS Party led state government made the governor of Telangana Tamilisai Soundararajan to state lies in her joint address to the state legislature on the first day of the budget session. He alleged that the state government had taken credit for all the programs being implemented with financial support from the central government. Stating that the governor was made to state that the state government had achieved several milestones, which it actually had not achieved in reality, he said that such lies were a classic example of the cheap politics of the ruling party.

He said that the state government, which had created an unnecessary issue over the address of the governor initially agreed to allow it in the state assembly after the intervention of the high court of the state. Referring to the Jai Telangana slogan given by the governor at the end of her address, Reddy said that the slogan by the governor was an proof to show her love towards the people of the state although the CM Of the state KCR had abandoned the slogan in recent times.

In a statement, Reddy asked the state government, which stated that it was successful in the transformation of all lthe villages of the state, whether it had forgotten the fact of diverting funds belonging to the village sarpanches and keeping their bills of completed works pending for a long time? He mocked that it would have been good if the state government spoke about the dilution of the local bodies of the state by it. Referring to the notices being issued by the public representatives of various municipalities and municipal corporations, Reddy said termed them as an opposition to the state government and added that the people of the state were carefully observing all such developments. Referring to the statement of the governor that the income of the state government had gone up from Rs.62,000 crores  in the financial year 2014-15 to Rs.1.84 lakh crores by the end of the year 2021, he asked the state government if it had forgotten about the fact that a state with a surplus revenue of Rs.16,000 crores was pushed into a debt trap of Rs.5 lakh crore by it. Referring to the mentioning of the Rythu Bandhu scheme in the address of the governor, Reddy said that it would have been good if the state government revealed the fact that it was extending the monetary benefits under the schemes to the owners of hillocks barren lands, ventures and granites and landlords under the scheme.

He asked the state government as to why thousands of farmers committed suicide if the rythu bandhu scheme brought light into their lives? Referring to the claims of the 24-hour long power supply to the farm sector of the state, Reddy said that it was laughable that the state government made such claim when the farmers were holding dharnas at various sub stations of the state demanding the round the clock power supply. He alleged that the state government had not utilised the funds being given by the central government for the education of the minority students of the state. He also alleged that the state government was obstructing the release of Rs.250 crores from the central government for the SC students by deliberately not sending the requisite details. He claimed that there was no response from the state government despite several reminders from them.