Telangana govt strives to bring qualitative change in workers’ lives: KCR

Hyderabad: On the occasion of International Workers Day recognised as May Day, Telangana chief minister K Chandrashekhar Rao held that the state government will continue its efforts to bring a qualitative change in the lives of workers in the entire country.

While extending greetings to all hardworking workers and professional workers who indirectly participate in the development of society, KCR said the day was observed to honour their struggles and gains and for improving their working conditions.

Highlighting various benefits the state government has offered to the workers and their families, KCR said that an amount of Rs 6 lakh in the event of the death of a worker is forwarded to their kin.

“So far about 4001 workers’ families have been covered under the scheme and an amount of Rs 223 crore has been paid to the beneficiaries,” he informed.

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Likewise, the labourers involved in accidents becoming disabled were being provided Rs 5 lakh and so far 504 workers have been covered under the scheme in the state.

“In this context, an amount of Rs 8.9 crore has been disbursed to the beneficiaries,” added KCR.

Stating the benefits given to the female workers, KCR said that Rs 30,000 as maternity benefits were given to 1,01,983 beneficiaries each and Rs 280 crore have been accorded in this context In past nine years.

“Telangana government was providing Rs 30,000 for labourers so that they get their daughters married and 46,638 beneficiaries so far have received Rs 130 crore,” he said.

“Rs 288 crore has been distributed to the families of the workers who died in the course where each of them received Rs 1 lakh, said KCR adding that 39,797 workers’ kins were provided financial assistance of Rs 98 crore for the funeral.

Mentioning the budget spent during the COVID-19 pandemic, KCR said that the state government spent Rs 1005 crore under various programmes for labourers’ welfare.