Telangana: Govt teachers protest demanding transfer process completion

Hyderabad: Telangana Government teachers protested along with their children on Teachers day; that is on the 5th of September at the Directorate of School Education at Saifabad.

The teachers along with their children demanded the state government complete the mutual transfer of their spouses. The teachers also pleaded with the state government to finish the mutual transfer of spouses, which is still pending in 13 districts.

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The teachers claimed that the officials were not carrying out the chief minister’s instructions after their wives were assigned to distant locations during the cadre allocation process according to GO 317. The protestors also said that the matter had been ignored for eight months and that just 19 districts had implemented mutual transfers for couples up to this point.

The protestors were got arrested and later released. the Telangana State United Teachers’ Federation (TSUTF) committee has urged the state administration to make instructions right once placing spouses in the same district in accordance with GO 317.

Teachers said that the government was breaking the GO and imposing mental anguish. It condemned the arrest of hundreds of women teachers along with their children, who were put in various police stations in the city before being released, on the same day here.