Telangana: Govt to focus more on implementing renewable energy

Renewable energy has been proactively implemented by the state government with 4511.77MW of solar energy purely developed under decentralized distribution generation mode.

According to a release from Telangana State Renewable Energy Development Corporation (TSREDCO) issued on Monday, the state has saved 1005MU from all energy conservation activities such as energy-efficient appliances, installation of LED streetlights, and implementation of energy conservation building code for commercial buildings to name a few.

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Programmes for replacing inefficient streetlights with energy-efficient LED streetlights in all gram panchayats have begun. Through this, the government plans to achieve approximately 50% of annual energy savings.

The state government has also evolved the Telangana state electric vehicle and energy storage solution policy 2020. As per the policy, the first two lakh electric two-wheelers and the first 5,000 units of four-wheelers will get 100% exemption of road tax and registration fee.

An estimation of Rs 30,000 crore is expected to contribute to total investment generating direct employment for 1.2 lakh persons.

Currently, 32,000 electric vehicles are being used with 156 charging points around the city. TSREDCO plans to introduce 1,000 chargers across the state.