Telangana govt to likely use AI for filtering Praja Palana forms

Hyderabad: The Congress government is likely to use artificial intelligence (AI) to filter Praja Palana applications a whooping 1.2 crore submissions received for its six guarantees to be implemented before March 16, 2024.

In a recent cabinet sub-committee meeting on Praja Palana chaired by deputy chief minister Mallu Bhatti Vikramarka, it was decided that the Hyderabad-based Centre for Good Governance, along with the state’s infotech department, would use AI tools to scrutinize applications and filter out duplicate forms.

This decision was influenced by the duplication issues seen while implementing five guarantees in Karnataka and AI is seen as a way to prevent such complications.

The six guarantees encompass 13 of the government’s most extensive welfare schemes. Processing 1.2 crore applications requires extensive resources for data entry work to identify the actual beneficiaries.

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Praja Palana applications were collected from villages and towns across the state between December 28 and January 6.