Telangana HC directs govt to convene expert committee meet to tackle 3rd wave

Hyderabad: Telangana High Court on Wednesday expressed displeasure at the state government on the preparedness of the possible third wave in the state.

In front of the high court bench. the health director Srinivasa Rao has submitted a report of details to check third wave in the state he informed that the health officials and staff are ready to tackle if third wave attacks and offering services.

More oxygen, health care facilities are available to face the situation and the government is giving all support, he said.

However the court felt unhappy as the third wave or virus will wait for measures. Since several states are facing virus spread problem and cases in the rise, the court said. Thus the court advised to take up preventive measures to handle the growing number of cases.

The high court bench comprising of acting chief justice MS Ramachandra Rao and T Vinod Kumar expressed disappointment at the state government that no expert committee meeting was held in this regard.

The court directed government for a report in week, after an expert committee meeting on steps to third wave.