Telangana HC hears case on foot over bridge in Secunderabad

Hyderabad: Inconclusive arguments over the building of a foot overbridge at Mahendra Hills, Secunderabad, were heard on Monday by Justice Radha Rani of the Telangana High Court.

The judge was addressing a plea that Balajee Arun Educational Society had submitted. The petitioner claimed that the GHMC had denied them permission to build the bridge that connected to the Delhi Public School on both sides.

The petitioner made the point that building the bridge will benefit the general public as well as assist school children in crossing over safely.

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Speaking on behalf of the GHMC, Chatla Madhu emphasised that it is illegal to build or erect any structures on Cantonment land that is intended for roads. He also made note of the petitioner’s construction of compound walls on the bridge’s boarding and deboarding sides, which prevent the general public from using it.

He told the court that if the petitioner came up with a fresh building design that would benefit the general public, the GHMC would not oppose it. On July 11, the judge will continue to hear the case.