‘Telangana is flag bearer for Midwifery in India’: UNICEF Ind

Hyderabad: The UNICEF (United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund), India on Friday took to Twitter and applauded Telangana’s midwifery scheme.

The Midwifery programme was launched in October 2017 by the Telangana government to encourage dignified and natural birthing in government hospitals across the state.

UNICEF India on their Twitter account shared a picture of a healthy infant, signifying its delivery via natural birth with the help of midwives at an Area Hospital in Hyderabad.

UNICEF wrote, “Pictured moments after being born with the help of midwives at the Area Hospital in Hyderabad, Telangana.”

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They further added, “Telangana is a flag bearer for Midwifery in India, working towards respectful maternity care and a positive birth experience for mothers.”